2nd Wednesday
January, April, July & October

Lions Club of 
San Diego

310 S. Market Street

11:30 am
Check In &

Noon-1:30 pm

$30.00 for lunch


Parking is available at Horton Plaza, about a block away from the Lions Club.  

What is SDSDC?

Founded by Dr. Charles C. Shockley, the San Diego Supplier Development Council (SDSDC) The Council is comprised of small business advocates and purchasing professionals who represent local private industry and government agencies. The Council holds luncheon meetings where Council members and small businesses meet to promote contracting performance by creating opportunities.

Who can become an SDSDC member?

Any large Corporations, Government and Non-Government agencies, City and County Offices, and Commercial enterprises of San Diego qualify for membership. Small businesses do not qualify as members but are welcome and encouraged to attend SDSDC Quarterly Luncheon Meetings.

What are SDSDC activities?

Quarterly meetings and presentations from large and small business are usually held on the second Wednesday during the first month of each quarter.   The date for 2016 Operation Opportunity will be announced soon.  Please go to Schedule of Upcoming Events.

Who can give a small business presentation?

Small businesses may request to give a presentation to promote their company, their products and/or their services at the monthly luncheon meetings. Scheduling a presentation may be achieved by either a council member's request or by contacting the Program Chair. For additional information about presentations please see Small Business Presentation Guidelines.

What do I need to do to attend quarterly luncheon meetings?

Make reservations online through Registration button.

What are costs and benefits for attending quarterly luncheon meetings?

Your time from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and $30 (early bird) for the meal is your investment. Benefits include but are not limited to accessing a Roster of large business council members, networking with large business representatives and small businesses to create business opportunities.

San Diego Supplier Development Council . 51 Horton Plaza . P.O. Box 124897 . San Diego, CA 92101
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